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Supporting major applications in different industry areas, Thermo Scientific™ Open Inventor™ Toolkit is used daily by thousands of developers, and hundreds of thousands of copies of professional applications are based on Open Inventor Toolkit. As leading software solution providers, our customers are building the next-generation applications. 

Learn more about their commercial and research software solutions for the medical & dental, oil & gas, mining, and engineering markets.

Title Industry
Thermo Scientific OMNICxi: Chemical composition of pharmaceutical tablets and polymers Medical Learn more
ARAI™ : Advanced surgical navigation guidance platform (HOLOSURGICAL) Medical Learn more
ATON3D®: post-processing 3D for Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) planning (Mobilemed Solutions) Medical Learn more
Amira™ Software for Life Sciences (Thermo Fisher Scientific) Medical Learn more
Olea Sphere® post-processing 3D software suite for vascular and oncology imaging (Olea Medical) Medical Learn more
AccuCT™ software for bone analysis (PerkinElmer) Medical Learn more
GeoTeric software for 3D seismic interpretation Oil&Gas and Mining Learn more
Dinámica Gerencial Hospitalaria, web-based hospital information system (SYAC) Medical Learn more
Ez3D-i, dental software for 3D diagnostic imaging (Ewoosoft) Medical Learn more
CAMILO 3D-surface design tool for aerodynamic optimization (OPTIMAD) Engineering Learn more

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