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Open Inventor Toolkit provides multiple unique features for Medical, Dental, and Oil & Gas applications, allowing you to save time, leverage investments, and solve complex challenges.

Be on the cutting edge of innovation with hundreds of features fitting your needs


Client-side Rendering Halo Highlighting Viewing Cube Scene Orbiter

Medical & Dental:

Physically Based Shading Multimodal Imaging   Automatic Dental Panoramic   Center Line Extraction  Clipping & Cropping DTI rendering  Geometry Combination  Magnifier  Min, Max & Average intensity projection MPR capabilities  Nerve Marking  Rigid Registration  Shader Framework  Transfer Function Management
High-Quality Shadows Slice rendering Surface rendering Volume rendering Advanced image processing and analysis Volume Editing 2D & 3D Selection Medical Compass Node ( Gnomon) Magic Glass Capping Plane Cloud of points Segmentation Watershed Segmentation Threshold Collision Detection Isosurface Extraction Shadows Anatomical Views ROI VolumeAxis Dicom reader

Oil & Gas:

Wavelet compression OSDU Volume Probe Horizon (Height Field) Horizon Probe SEG-Y Reader GPU Reservoir Probing Well Log 2D
Large Seismic Post-stack 3D Data Ray casting Volume Rendering Seismic Generic Probe Seismic Slice Probe Seismic Well Probe Seismic Interpretation Horizons RGBA Coblending Probe GeoBody Rendering Structured Reservoir Visualization Unstructured Reservoir Visualization Reservoir Slab Reservoir Skin Reservoir Fence Slice Reservoir Planar Slice Cell Filtering Cell Edges Fading Reservoir Property Iso-Surface Grid Streamlines Grid Vector Glyphs GPU Reservoir Probing Well Log 3D Lathe 3D Billboard Annotation HTML5 Remote Rendering H.264 Image Streaming Compression