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3D visualization tools for reservoir software applications

Visualization and data extraction

Much more than just a 3D engine, Open Inventor Toolkit provides developers with powerful capabilities to extract different types of geometries, such as planar cuts, slabs, isosurfaces, mesh skins, and any advanced cell filtering based on a user-defined function.

Properties can be easily mapped onto the extracted meshes, accessed through the advanced data interface and visualized using fast, high-quality rendering techniques including data-to-color mapping, 2D and 3D vector fields and streamlines, edge fading, etc.

Extracted geometries can then serve as input for advanced reservoir engineering and simulation workflows.

Reservoir models

Multiple data types support

Accurately represent multi-property, time-dependent reservoir models with a wide range of 2D and 3D grid types: structured and unstructured meshes, with multiple properties associated to nodes and cells.

Optimized data access

Using a unique interface, the visualization of the model directly uses the source data of the model, greatly optimizing memory usage and performance.

Very large meshes support

Thanks to optimized memory management, very large models (up to hundreds of millions of cells) can be handled. Multi-resolution is also supported for efficient dynamic data management.

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