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Interactive 2D/3D visualization tools for well engineering software

Well planning

Open Inventor powerful 3D development tools allows well planning software developers to easily integrate advanced features such as:

  • Display of the entire exploration field in 3D, including surface features (such as mountains, lakes, building and GIS information), interpretation features (such as faults and horizons), reservoir simulation post-processing, the planned well path and drill pads
  • Co-visualization of offset wells and logs
  • Interactive manipulation of 3D well targets
  • Spline interpolation with collision detection
  • Dynamic updates of application-driven results (such as drill cost, production rate, fracture orientation, horizontal spacing).

Well drilling engineering

Well log imaging

Open Inventor’s advanced 2D / 3D rendering technology allows meaningful representations of well logs, including advanced color-mapping, charts, and co-visualization with well representations.

Drilling monitoring & geosteering

Integrate real-time monitoring features in your applications. Use Open Inventor’s co-visualization capabilities to implement interactive log data visualization in 2D and 3D canvases.

Enable real-time geosteering workflows with fully integrated 3D visualization powered by Open Inventor.

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