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Easily integrate advanced interaction capabilities on distant 2D/3D data on desktop and mobile environments.

Data size

Today’s Exploration & Production, Medical or Engineering digital workflows require rich visualization of extremely large 2D or 3D data sets. The size of this data may easily exceed the storage capacity available on end-user devices, such as laptops or mobile hardware, or would need excessive time to be downloaded.

Open Inventor remote visualization technology makes it possible to interactively display a high-quality rendering of very large distant 2D/3D data stored on a remote high-capacity server. The bandwidth optimization techniques even allow very large 3D model exploration with the same level of accuracy as on a powerful workstation.

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High performance and mobility

In industrial software applications, the pure size of the data sets is not the only challenge. The real value of the information extracted from the raw data is often generated by complex algorithms. Significant computational power is thus needed to perform these algorithms, in acceptable time ranges.

Thanks to the Open Inventor technology for remote rendering, the end-user application running on the client device just captures the user events and sends them back to the server-hosted application, which performs the CPU/GPU-intensive operation on the remote server, utilizing powerful graphics and computing power.

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Complex decisions that are based on the analysis and understanding of complex information are generally not made by a single person. Experts and executives must often share common work sessions to explore and analyze the data from which they will take assumptions for critical decision making.

Open Inventor enables distant users to share a unique interactive work session hosted on a server. It also allows end-users to open several concurrent sessions on the same data set, making it possible to perform simultaneous data visualization and analysis tasks for faster decision making.

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Access everywhere

The user digital environment goes global. From desktop workstations to mobile tablets to connected TV, the data access devices are heterogeneous and distributed. The device-centric paradigm has evolved into a user-centric architecture, where the user data is stored in a virtual environment, and where the user experience can be reproduced at will in different locations and contexts.

Using Open Inventor, the same application with the same data can be run on various devices, benefiting from the respective advantages of each platform, such as large collaborative display, local computing power, or multi-touch interaction.

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Data security

Whether related to patient healthcare or to oilfiled exploration, most data handled by professional applications are highly confidential. Duplicating or downloading multiple local copies of this data on end-user computers represents an important security issue.

Using Open Inventor’s remote application framework, data can be accessed and manipulated everywhere, while always remaining on a secured distant server, ensuring maximum protection of critical user’s assets.

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