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Easily integrate advanced 3D capabilities into your applications.

From 2D to 3D

3D hardware is ready. The performance and features of modern 3D hardware allow both high image quality and interactive rendering, even for large data sets.

3D rendering is now a practical option for any program, whether it’s a new development or an upgrade, and Open Inventor makes it easy to add this extra dimension.

Object-oriented SDK

Open Inventor’s object-oriented architecture allows for rapid application prototyping and development. Open Inventor provides a powerful ‘Scene Graph’ paradigm and an object-oriented Application Programming Interface which avoids re-implementing rendering and scene management algorithms using low-level programming.

Built-in components

Do not re-invent the wheel. Open Inventor offers a comprehensive set of more than 1300 ready-to-use classes to manipulate data using high-level concepts. These built-in components range from 2D image processing operators to 3D primitives, advanced viewers, manipulators, and engines. Dedicated extensions manage complex volume and mesh data, and address challenging issues such as remote and mobile application development, or integrated GPU computing.

Productivity tools

Open Inventor is fundamentally more productive as a result of being object-oriented, using good design patterns, automatically using all available features, automatically optimizing rendering and by implementing commonly used higher level components.

The IVTune utility, packaged with Open Inventor, provides developers with an interactive symbolic view of the scene graph to trace debug and tune their application at run time.

Finally, Open Inventor comes with a rich set of pre-compiled source code project examples, a thorough documentation, and a complete online developer zone.

Maximum flexibility

Open Inventor is an open framework designed to facilitate code integration in both directions: integrating the Open Inventor API into your existing application(s) and integrating your existing (or future) visualization code into Open Inventor.

Open Inventor supports development in C++, C# (.NET) or Java using a fully native API layer, Open Inventor viewer objects can be easily added to your user interface using any native “widget” as a placeholder.

Applications can integrate their existing or future custom visualization code into Open Inventor in a seamless way by creating custom nodes that extend the set of scene graph objects and by creating custom GLSL shader functions. Open Inventor provides documentation and an API to minimize the effort to create custom nodes and custom shaders.
Additionally, the Open Inventor product team proposes expertise services for integration and deployment help for any specific environment.


The Open Inventor cross-platform framework allows developers to design scalable and interactive 3D applications across the whole range of Windows, Linux and OS X systems. Resulting applications can be 100% source code compatible and only a recompilation is necessary to make it run on other platforms.

Open Inventor supports development in C++, C# (.NET) or Java using a fully native API layer.

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