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Isatis.neo leading software solution for geostatistics by Geovariances

By Benjamin Foucher, Software Project Manager

Geovariances’ mission is to help their clients improve production and economic performance and make better risk-informed decision by supporting them in integrating geostatistics in their business process.
Geovariances develops and markets Isatis.neo, the leading and most comprehensive software solution for geostatistics. It allows geoscientists easy access to a complete set of powerful and intuitive statistical and geostatistical tools for data analysis and visualization, mapping and modeling, and extensive uncertainty and risk analyses through simulations.

First released in 2019, Isatis.neo has been designed for mining and energy companies to assess resources with greater accuracy and confidence, or geotechnical engineering consultancies and geological surveys to improve their knowledge of the subsurface to manage risks better and make effective decisions. We help them gain high-level insight into their projects using the latest generation of tools.

Isatis.neo 3D Viewer is based on Thermo Scientific™ Open Inventor toolkit , specifically using the MeshViz XLM extension. This allows users to take a deep dive into their data. They better understand their project context by displaying various data types within a single view (e.g., point samples, drill holes, surfaces, block models, meshes, digital elevation models, lines, polygons). They can assess data quality, check consistency, and identify outliers. 3D views are also an extraordinary means of communicating with the stakeholders of a project.

Open Inventor has some powerful capabilities well suited for geosciences applications and available with little programming effort so you can quickly get a complete viewer with superimposition of different types of data, transparency, clipping, picking capabilities. it is also available on several platforms (both Windows and Linux). Open Inventor offers a graceful scene graph to combine all visualized objects and avoids the complexity of programming using low level 3D API. It brings optimized algorithms for rendering objects and/or extracting slices of data.


Topography mapping   Seabed mapping
Mineral grade modeling   Oil reservoir mapping


About Geovariances

Geovariances is a leading global provider of advanced geostatistics software solutions and consulting, advisory, and training services. Founded in 1986 out of the illustrious Centre for Geostatistics at the Paris School of Mines, Geovariances has been leading the geostatistics market for decades through continual innovation with a focus on high-level, cutting-edge techniques. We retain an exclusive technical partnership with the Centre, which speaks to our focus on exceptional reliability and scientific rigor.

Our focus is on aiding companies to improve production performance by supporting the integration of advanced geostatistics into their business processes, thus enabling the best risk-informed decisions to be made. Our flagship software solution, Isatis.neo, is a new, powerful, and technologically advanced tool used by top mining companies worldwide, as well as by consulting groups and technical advisory bodies.

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