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Instituto Nacional de Ortodoncia (Chile) develops its own integrated solution for patients and professionals in orthodontic

INO Chile uses Thermo Scientific Open Inventor Toolkit to develop its own integrated solution. The National Institute of Orthodontics INO offers its patients the best dental experience.

The evolution of technology in dentistry has been exponential and we somehow do not want to be out of that development and that technological edge and therefore the incorporation of Open Inventor aims to have our own development software.
Open Inventor has made it easier for us to program in search of multiple system integrations such as integrations with languages like HL7, DICOM, and FHIR among others. The biggest challenge of all of this was being able to do virtualizations of everything 3D.
Open Inventor gives us a wide range of libraries that allow us to do programming that is more appropriate to what we actually need.
Open Inventor has made it easier for the user to visualize their exams in a better way, both in the lab and in the imaging area.
Today we are starting to use it and in some way, it provides benefits to both professionals and patients.
We want to be in the palm of every patient's hand, full portability of all the data in a fast and technologically expeditious, and visually pleasing way.

Dr. Rodrigo Lopez, Founder and COB of INO