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ARAI™ : Advanced surgical navigation guidance platform (HOLOSURGICAL)

Synthetic vision for surgeons

HOLOSURGICAL has created ARAI™, an advanced surgical navigation guidance platform that combines 3D visualization, data analytics, and machine learning to improve patient outcomes, reduce operation time, and decrease surgical complications.

Augmented Reality anatomical visualization

HOLOSURGICAL’s ARAI™ is an ergonomic and smart surgical navigation system that provides real-time 3D visualization of the patient’s internal anatomy, without the need for soft-tissue exposure, directly over the surgical field.


Artificial Intelligence surgical planning

HOLOSURGICAL’s ARAI™ uses innovative data analytics and machine learning algorithms to autonomously analyze the patient’s internal anatomy, identify anatomical structures,  determine ideal placement of surgical implants, and provide intraoperative guidance to the surgeon in real time. The system has been validated on multiple cadaver labs, and clinical trials performed on live patients.

Why Open Inventor?

HOLOSURGICAL chose  Open Inventor for the development of the ARAI™ surgical navigation system because of its powerful real-time 3D graphics rendering performance; its rich set of highly-optimized algorithms for 2D image, 3D volume, and polygonal mesh processing; and for its convenient high-level scene-graph paradigm for efficiently handling real-time user interaction with intricate and complex virtual environments.

About HoloSurgical

HOLOSURGICAL is a digital surgery company focused on improving patient outcomes by bringing Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to the operating room. It was founded by virtual and augmented reality expert Prof. Cristian Luciano, PhD, and spine surgeon Dr. Kris Siemionow, MD, PhD in 2015. Prof. Paul Lewicki, PhD, a pioneer in AI, joined in 2016.

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