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Vitrox VART: Volume Analysis & Rendering Tool software for Printed Circuit Board Buyoff

“When we were required to portray a 3D model of joints & components on every Xray inspection, there were many solutions on the market that can provide 3D rendering. Open Inventor stands out above all, not just that it fits the requirement of centralized client-server architecture, but also the flexibility of its SDK to allow us to easily achieve our needs. With Open Inventor, we are able to develop an interactive and easy-to-use application that allows operators and engineers alike to perform visual analysis & buyoff.”
LIM Seng Yew 林城有
Sr. Manager | R&D

"The support provided is excellent and thorough whenever we have difficulties in developing challenging features. For example, we are required to perform ROI isolation on a complex PCB board. With close collaboration with Open Inventor R&D team, this enables us to really excel in the development. This helps us to deliver values to our end customers in a timely manner."
LIM Seng Yew 林城有
Sr. Manager | R&D


About Vitrox Volume Analysis & Rendering Tool
VART (Volume Analysis & Rendering Tool) is a 3D rendering software developed by ViTrox Corporation.
As a plugin to V810 (Automated X-ray Inspection Machine), it reconstructs images generated by V810 machines into 3D, to aid users for better judgment to determine whether the components within the PCB are defective.
Rendering functionalities include: 

  • Volume Rendering with complex threshold
  • Orthogonal Slicing of 3D model
  • Modify and Isolate specific Region of Interest
    Volume Calculation on overall data

About Open Inventor
Open Inventor® is the leading platform for developers of all types of engineering software, for Cloud, desktop and mobile environments. Open Inventor's easy-to-use API, extensible architecture, and large set of advanced components provide developers with a high-level platform for rapid prototyping and development of 3D graphics software applications for CAD & CAE.