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Thermo Scientific OMNICxi: Chemical composition of pharmaceutical tablets and polymers

Thermo Scientific OMNICxi software, combined with Thermo Scientific DXR3xi Raman Imaging Microscope, allows customers to create and analyze chemical images of their samples

Thanks to a Thermo Scientific joint development between the Spectroscopy team and Thermo Scientific™ Open Inventor™ toolkit team, the recent 2.0 release of OMNICxi software now supports 3D visualization. 

Why Open Inventor Toolkit?

Carla S. Draper, Sr. Manager, Software & Digital Science:
“When the OMNICxi software development team wanted to add 3D visualization to their package, Open Inventor was an easy choice. The Open Inventor SDK made it easy to implement 3D in our software codebase, and it produces stunning visualizations for our customers.  Hyperspectral data visualization is an important area of innovation for Thermo Fisher.”

Figure 1 - Folded silicon ribbon 4-dimentional data set. Using confocal imaging it collects spectral information in 3 dimensions. Additionally, this image shows the ability to display only the areas of interest and to interactively click on the 3D image to display the associated spectrum of the selected voxel.

Carla S. Draper, Sr. Manager, Software & Digital Science:
“The collaboration with the Open Inventor team started with 3-days training. During this training, the Spectroscopy team produced an initial 3D visualization proof of concept application. From there, they moved onto extending the prototype and implementing these features into their OMNICxi application. The Open Inventor R&D provided direct and efficient support to refine the design, optimize code, and solve some problems in the initial code. The close collaboration really enabled the development team to meet its goal of releasing the product in time.”

Figure 2 - Optical image mapped to a 3-dimensional terrain and overlaid with a chemical image where Raman spectra were collected. The color is mapped to the height of a polystyrene peak. The blue color on the edges shows that the height is small as the spectrum is weak on the sharply falling edges of a 3D printed lowercase letter ‘e’.

About Thermo Scientific Raman Imaging

OMNICxi software, combined with the DXR3xi Raman Imaging Microscope, allows customers to create and analyze chemical images of their samples.  The DXR3xi is a confocal Raman microscope that performs non-destructive surface and depth analysis on samples such as pharmaceutical tablets and polymers. The DXR3xi produces multi-dimensional hyperspectral data that require 3D visualization to enable customers to see and explore the chemical composition of their sample.  

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