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Open Inventor™ for Dental Applications 2D/3D toolkit helps dental software developers integrate rich image processing, visualization and analysis capabilities in applications ranging from dental visualization to implant planning. For cloud, desktop, and mobile.

Automatic dental panoramic

Dental imaging applications can now provide users with fully automatic generation of high-quality panoramic views directly from the patient’s CBCT image data.

Advanced image processing algorithms in Open Inventor Toolkit automatically detect the dental arch, compute a surface fitted to the teeth / facial bones, “unfold” the volume and project the image stack.

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open inventor 3D visualization toolkit

Bring more realistic real-time volume rendering

Open Inventor volume rendering introduces a new generation of dental visualization. This more physically accurate presentation of dental volume data has tremendous benefits for implant planning, communication, and education. For example, more realistic images can be used to explain the procedure to patients who are not trained to read CT and MRI images.

Open Inventor’s more realistic volume rendering combines several GPU-accelerated techniques such as image-based lighting, complex surface reflections, ray-traced shadow casting, ambient occlusion, high dynamic range and depth of field.

Provide advanced 2D and 3D image analysis capabilities

Open Inventor’s extensive collection of high-performance operators allows the implementation of complete medical image processing workflows, including:

  • Pre-processing: 2D/3D image cleaning and enhancement
  • Segmentation: entire jaw, teeth, nerves, defects, etc.
  • Analysis: data quantification and numerical results
  • Registration: multi-modal image registration

Open Inventor supports a wide range of image data, including 2D and 3D, grayscale and color, very large images, and data from any PACS or imaging modality (cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), MRI, X-ray, medical CT, nuclear imaging, DICOM, etc.).

Open Inventor allows dental software developers to easily create automated image processing and analysis workflows in software applications. Developers can create sequences of operators, including multi-modality image registration and fusion, segmentation, and other advanced image analysis tools. Developers can also implement custom image processing and analysis solutions and measurements.

open inventor 3D visualization toolkit

Add implants to patient’s 3D images

For the development of dental implant planning software or visualization software, the Open Inventor Toolkit provides capabilities for:

  • Interactive co-visualization of 3D CBCT and CAD models. A predefined manipulator can be used to place and rotate implants in a volume or slice.
  • Collision detection between implant and nerve.
  • Interactive selection of the nerve canal. You can visualize the nerve canal as a spline or as an extruded cylinder.

Develop once, access everywhere

Open Inventor also provides all these image visualization, processing and analysis features as a web service. While the actual data remains secure on the server, users can access the resulting 2D and 3D visualizations anywhere, on any device, using any HTML5 browser:

  • No 3D hardware required on the client side
  • Multiple users can connect and collaborate in the same session
  • Multi-touch and gesture input is fully supported

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