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We are pleased to announce that Thermo Fisher Scientific has joined the OSDU Forum.  The OSDU Forum is an international forum of oil and gas operators, cloud services companies, suppliers of applications to oil and gas operators, and other standards organizations. The OSDU Forum is a part of the Open Group, a well-known industry consortium with over 600 members developing and maintaining open vendor-neutral technology standards.

What does OSDU mean to the industry

The OSDU Forum is developing the OSDU Data Platform to support multiple energy sources, including traditional oil and gas exploration and new energy sources such as wind and solar.  The goal is to store the data for all these energy sources in a single cloud-based data platform and access the data through a standard set of APIs. These data sets are huge (terabytes). Storing data in the cloud provides global access without physically moving the data, elastic storage, and elastic computation to apply new machine learning techniques.  Some key points about the OSDU Data Platform distinguish it from previous attempts to standardize E&P data:

  • Standards plus technology:
    OSDU will provide a robust implementation of the platform.
  • Open Source:
    The platform is developed and maintained by OSDU but available to everyone.
  • Designed for the Cloud:
    The platform takes full advantage of cloud infrastructure.
  • Strong industry commitment:
    Schlumberger, the largest provider of E&P software, contributed source code from the Delfi data ecosystem (DES) to form the core of the OSDU Data Platform and will base Delfi technology on the OSDU Data Platform.

What does OSDU mean to our business

Our major customers are part of OSDU and planning to use the OSDU Data Platform technology.  The goals of OSDU are directly related to our core value technologies:

  • Visualization of very large volume data (VolumeViz),
  • E&P specific visualization features like horizons (VolumeViz),
  • Visualization of very large well data sets (core Open Inventor),
  • Visualization of very large reservoir models (MeshVizXLM), and
  • Image streaming for cloud-native visualization applications (RemoteViz)

Through our OSDU membership, we have another way to show E&P customers and potential customers that we are committed to solving their modern visualization and cloud challenges.

What do we bring to OSDU

With our Open Inventor technologies, we add significant value on top of the OSDU Data Platform, specifically:

  1. Technology for large volume visualization (VolumeViz).
    We provide the ability to take advantage of tiled, multi-resolution volume, and horizon data.  CPU and GPU memory limit the amount of data that can be loaded for visualization. So the challenge for visualization of large volumes is not so much how or where the data is stored.  The real challenge is to manage which tiles to request when to maximize image quality and performance.  We pioneered this technology 20 years ago with VolumeViz and the LDM data manager, and we continue to improve it in collaboration with major E&P software vendors.

  2. Specialized visualization features for E&P applications (VolumeViz).

  3. Technology for efficient image streaming with no client software (RemoteViz).

  4. 20 years of experience providing visualization for E&P applications.

What are we doing

We have already begun participating in OSDU meetings and researching the OSDU Data Platform APIs.  Soon we plan to implement a volume reader class that allows our customers to import volume and horizon data through the OSDU API and visualize it using our VolumeViz technology.  Next we will implement an example volume viewer for the OSDU environment that showcases our RemoteViz technology.

What can you do

Let us know what you are doing with the OSDU Data Platform and how we can help you implement visualization solutions in the cloud.  Subscribe to the Open Inventor Newsletter to follow our development.  Contact us if you have any questions about the Open Inventor technologies.