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State-of-the-art 3D

Professional software applications integrating 2D/3D data management and visualization must deliver interactive and top-quality representation, for best perception and understanding of the data.

Open Inventor provides the latest state-of-the-art data processing, rendering and image enhancement techniques for all types of 2D and 3D image data. Taking full advantage of advanced GPU Shaders programming techniques and of the power of GPU parallel processing architecture, Open Inventor delivers both optimal performance and fully configurable rendering capabilities.


Large Data Management

Ever increasing size of data sets is one of the most challenging trends in the today’s highly demanding market. Thanks to unique proprietary technologies, Open Inventor delivers high-performance capabilities that enable engineering teams to successfully address all data size challenges.

Designed for Performance

Open Inventor provides several advanced techniques to maximize performance while manipulating large 3D data, such as automatic Level of Detail, appearance preserving simplification, fast editing of very complex scenes, and interactive image quality.

Open Inventor LDM technology enables access to out-of-core 3D volume data with optimized multi-resolution management.

Open Inventor can also handle very large meshes (hundreds of millions of cells) without duplicating application data, and for any type of mesh: regular, unstructured, polyhedral or quadratic.

2D/3D image processing

Open Inventor provides advanced 2D and 3D image processing and analysis capabilities for integration into imaging software applications – in medical and life sciences, industrial inspection, materials science, and geosciences.

This comprehensive collection of high-performance parallelized operators allows the implementation of comprehensive workflows, including image filtering and pre-processing, segmentation, or data quantification.

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Cloud & Mobile

3D As a Service

The Open Inventor RemoteViz service provides rich remote 3D interaction and visualization capabilities for web-based applications. It enables applications to remotely display very large or complex 3D data on any distant device, while maintaining high-performance computing and visualization.

RemoteViz allows the development from the ground up of interactive 3D visualization applications, allowing data import from Medical imaging devices (DICOM), Seismic (SEG Y), CAD (CATIA, IGES, etc.) and other standard geometry formats, as well as interaction though advanced mechanisms, including support for touch interface.

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Data fusion, computing

Multi-data support

Open Inventor supports all kinds of 2D/3D data: image data, volumes, complex meshes and geometries, charting, graphs, text, etc. which can be managed in the same scene graph, displayed and manipulated at the same time.

Integrated computing

Open Inventor provides full interoperability between display and computing. CPU, CUDA™ and OpenGL devices can be equally used to work with geometry or any data, delivering a unique development framework to integrate synchronous high-performance computation tasks within an interactive 3D graphics application.

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