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Ultimate 3D technology for seismic data visualization

High performance

Open Inventor Toolkit provides unique 3D data visualization and management technology to handle massive seismic data volumes:

  • Out-of-core data: Multi-resolution model support for very large data management (greater than several hundred GBs).
  • Large Horizons: Optimized Height Field rendering using on-the-fly height field GPU tessellation.
  • Probes: Multiple horizons, very large horizons, well, and advanced clipping and probing such as geobody extraction can be performed using generic geometry boolean operators.
  • Data fusion: Volumes, slices, horizons, terrains, reservoir models, well paths, micro-seismic point clouds, etc.
  • On-demand performance: Progressive rendering, interactive quality.

High quality

Open Inventor Toolkit delivers state-of-the-art volume rendering and image enhancement techniques for all types of 2D and 3D seismic data.:

  • Meaningful seismic data: advanced visual effects enable immediate perception of main features, such as geological layers, faults, slices, horizons and geobodies
  • Cutting-edge 3D visualization techniques: ray-casting volume rendering, shadows, ambient occlusion, deferred lighting, multiple transparency layers, voxelized rendering, multi-volume color blend, and more

Taking full advantage of the power of GPU shaders technology and parallel processing architecture, Open Inventor delivers both optimal performance and fully configurable rendering capabilities.

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