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Prairie View A&M University: Big Seismic Data Visualization on Cloud: A Case Study Collaborating with Industry

02 Feb 2021

Scientific and industrial data have grown too big to efficiently process and visualize using current desktop solution. Due to this, cloud computing has become a feasible solution for tackling the challenge of big data. However, how to efficiently visualize big data sets remotely, such as the Oil & Gas industry seismic volume on the cloud, remains a challenge. This paper presents a collaborative work with Prairie View A&M University to design and implement a cloud-based visualization software system geared toward providing a feasible solution for big data visualization. Open Inventor Toolkit’s remote visualization technology makes it possible to interactively display a high-quality rendering of very large distant 2D/3D data stored on a remote high-capacity server. The bandwidth optimization techniques even allow very large 3D model exploration with the same level of accuracy as on a powerful workstation.