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New feature: Halo Highlighting and Object Selection

02 Feb 2021

To create an excellent user experience in your 3D application, it is critical to provide fast and intuitive tools for interacting with objects in the scene. Open Inventor Toolkit provides a powerful “picking” tool (SoRayPickAction) that adds a glowing halo effect so users can quickly find the object(s) under their cursor. It also provides a very convenient high-level selection mechanism for objects in the scene. The SoSelection group node manages a list of selected objects. Each object in the list is an SoPath, and the path can lead to a single shape or a group node containing multiple shapes. The application can add or remove objects from the list. SoSelection can also automatically handle mouse click events, do picking, add the selected object(s) to the list, and notify the application when the selection list has changed.

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