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Improvement in release cycle

22 May 2018

To better serve our customers and their needs, from today, the number of patch releases and the release rhythm will be increased. 

This will allow us to respond even more quickly to your requirements.  It will also be easier for you to match a patch release with your product release cycle. Product quality and stability will continue to be assured by our multi-platform nightly build and automated test system. Patch releases will continue to be compatible with the corresponding minor release at the public API level.  For example, all 9.8.x releases are API compatible.

From today, you will no longer be notified by e-mail about patch releases.
Please check the Developer Zone regularly for the latest patch release information.  The first paragraph on the Release Notes page shows the most recent release number, for example “9.8.2”.  The most recent patch release will always be available on the new Developer Zone Download page (you do not need to wait for an email with download links).  The Fixed Bugs list is always available on the Developer Zone.  All compatible patch releases are unlocked by your existing Open Inventor license key(s).  The first patch release using our new process is already available! 

Key changing facts:

  1. No more e-mail notification - check regularly the developer zone

  2. Download links are now available on the developer zone

  3. New bug fixes list page