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GeoTeric software for 3D seismic interpretation

02 Feb 2021

Developed by geoscientists and software developers, Geoteric's AI Seismic Interpretation is fully integrated within their workflow. Steered by three core elements in their mission statement; science, people, and technology, Geoteric designed an AI-driven Seismic Interpretation platform with the interpreter in control. With people at the heart of the design, it combines both the strengths of human knowledge plus the capability of the machine.

“We selected Open Inventor Toolkit as the core 3D visualization component for our product line because we needed a solution that provided excellent performance, handled extensive data sets, and provided reliable, effective support. 3D seismic interpretation involves displaying very large volumes of data using various GPU-intensive rendering techniques, including color blending, opacity blending, and volume rendering.”- James Lowell, Research & Development Director at GeoTeric

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