Online demos

Download Open Inventor demos.

The Open Inventor downloadable demo/example programs showcase the features of Open Inventor for various kinds of applications. The demo programs are bundled with the Open Inventor SDK installer download (there is currently no separate download for demo programs).

Source files and project files are provided for all the demos and serve as example code for implementing these features in your own application.

Pre-built executables are provided and you do not need a development environment (compiler, etc) to run the demos. If you are a medical or life science developer you will find the interactive Medical Demo Launcher in the root directory after installing the SDK. We also provide a Demo Launcher for all the other Open Inventor demos (‘IvBrowser.exe’ in the C++ and .NET SDK).

Note: Running the demos requires an Open Inventor license key.
You will receive a temporary evaluation key after you complete the request form.

The User’s Guide and API documentation for Open Inventor can be viewed on our Developer Zone.

To request the demos, please complete the request form below:

Please provide an email address that shows your industrial or academic affiliation. We do not necessarily grant access to the download links when the request is sent from a personal e-mail address (,, etc.).