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What's new in Open Inventor Toolkit 10

Thermo Scientific™ Open Inventor™ is a software development toolkit used to implement professional visualization applications in markets including oil and gas, medical, dental, and engineering.

Open Inventor Toolkit version 10 introduced a new render engine re-designed to take full advantage of modern graphics hardware and rendering effects. In this on-demand webcast, we highlight some of the features added since Open Inventor Toolkit 10. These include much faster rendering for complex scenes with many small objects, ambient occlusion for line rendering, edge fading for large mesh data, halo highlighting for object selection, elastic image registration, and many enhancements in our RemoteViz image streaming technology for web-based applications.

Using Open Inventor Toolkit allows your software development team to focus on adding domain-specific value to your applications. This is because our team brings over 30 years of visualization experience, ensuring that Open Inventor Toolkit can solve your biggest visualization and image processing challenges. Open Inventor Toolkit provides high performance, image quality, large data management, interactivity, and allows deployment on desktop or Cloud environments. We support your team every step of the way.

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