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VirtX/virtusMED Computer-based training system ( Peter L. Reichertz Institute)

powered by Open Inventor

By the Peter L. Reichertz Institute.

Currently the correct intrasurgical positioning and adjustment of mobile X-ray image intensifiers (C-arm) can be learned theoretically through the use of textbooks, the practical training with the device itself suffers from the lack of visual feedback, i.e. radiographs corresponding to the adjustment of the C-arm.
This leads to the question, whether the training of correct operation and adjustment of a C-arm in different operation scenarios can be supported by a C-arm simulation system being part of a CBT system (Computer Based Training).

In co-operation with physicians from accident surgery and radiology the computer-based training system virtX was developed. virtX confronts the user with different exercises of BV adjustment and evaluates their execution and the results. These tasks can be created with the help of an authoring tool and can be accomplished by the trainee in different modes: a pure virtual mode and a combined virtual-real mode. In the pure virtual mode the user controls the virtual C-arm in a virtual operating theatre via the graphic-interactive virtX user interface. In the virtual-real mode however the position and orientation of a real C-arm are detected and mapped onto the virtual C-arm. At any time during the completion of an exercise the user can produce a close-to-reality, virtual radiograph built upon virtusMED and can control all parameters, like the positions of the apertures, X-ray intensity, etc.

Open Inventor is used in virtX and virtusMED as 3D rendering and scene graph framework. Open Inventor was chosen mainly because of its fast and exact volume rendering VolumeViz, plus flexible slicing and clipping, fast offscreen rendering, possibility to use volumes and 3D-models in one scene, high level interaction capabilities and all the other features.

About the Peter L. Reichertz Institute:

The Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics was established in 2007 by the University Braunschweig Institute of Technology and the Hannover Medical School as a joint institute for medical informatics. The Peter L. Reichertz Institute stands for high-level international research in medical informatics.

About Open Inventor:

Open Inventor is a leading platform for developers of all types of medical software, for cloud, desktop and mobile environments: 2D and 3D imaging, PACS, image processing and analysis, diagnosis and surgical planning, device modeling and 3D printing, simulation and training. The Open Inventor object-oriented API is designed to quickly integrate powerful new visualization and analysis capabilities into software applications in a simple and consistent way.

Images and text are courtesy of the Peter L. Reichertz Institute.