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vertaplan planning software for spine treatment (spontech)

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By spontech spine GmbH.

The human spine has very specific requirements regarding therapy and surgery.  spontech's proprietary vertaplan software is an integral part of comprehensive planning for spine treatment. vertaplan provides tools for preoperative planning and intraoperative assistance, ensuring the optimal position of the spine geometry.

spontech is now developing a new version of vertaplan based on the Open Inventor 3D SDK, with the objective to bring even more detailed representation of the spine for improved visualization and understanding.

The spine as a basis for high quality of life

Each person has their own personal movement profile and their own individual coordination between head, shoulders and pelvic girdle. The spine of each individual person is shaped by this unique movement pattern, making it a multifunctional and very complex natural wonder.

  • Intervertebral discs act as shock absorbers between the vertebrae
  • Everyday strains/forces lead to degeneration of the discs
  • Surgery may be indicated

As a result of demographic developments, it is expected that the occurrence of degenerative spine disorders will noticeably and steadily increase. At the same time, patients’ expectations regarding the quality of the surgical performance will grow.

The more precisely the original anatomy, which varies from individual to individual, can be restored, the greater the long-term success of a surgical procedure on the spine.

vertaplan software

With the vertaplan software, spine surgery can be precisely planned in advance. Also during surgery it supports the individual and optimum adjustment of the spine geometry. Thanks to these benefits, such comprehensive planning can, for the first time, be integrated into routine care.

These planning processes are not only more stable and hence less error prone, but they also save time in comparison to the procedures used to date.

Furthermore, an evaluation of the preoperative planning can also be performed with the vertaplan software following surgery. Consequently it can be used for individual and systematic quality assurance of the results.

vertaplan2 = software + implants for the spine surgeon

For the very first time, vertaplan2 makes it possible not only to calculate the optimum individual correction, but also to visualize the effect of the surgical procedure on the overall profile of the spine.

About spontech spine GmbH:

spontech brings a unique set of competences consisting of clinical know-how, supporting software, innovative implants and instruments, aiming at preserving the individual joint function of the human spine.
spontech is backed by the long-standing experience of leading spine surgeons, allowing their extensive theoretical and practical knowledge to be incorporated into the development of spontech‘s products.

About Open Inventor:

Open Inventor is a leading platform for developers of all types of medical software, for cloud, desktop and mobile environments: 2D and 3D imaging, PACS, image processing and analysis, diagnosis and surgical planning, device modeling and 3D printing, simulation and training. The Open Inventor object-oriented API is designed to quickly integrate powerful new visualization and analysis capabilities into software applications in a simple and consistent way.

Images and text are courtesy of spontech.


vertaplan planning software for spine treatment (spontech)

vertaplan planning software for spine treatment (spontech)

vertaplan planning software for spine treatment (spontech)
vertaplan planning software for spine treatment (spontech)
vertaplan planning software for spine treatment (spontech)