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CAMILO 3D-surface design tool for aerodynamic optimization (OPTIMAD)

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By Rocco Arpa, Senior R&D Engineer at OPTIMAD.

OPTIMAD selected Open Inventor as the core 3D visualization component for the CAMILO 3D-surface design tool for aerodynamic optimization.

OPTIMAD (Optimization Methods for Aerodynamic Design) develops advanced analysis, design, and optimization software for solving complex fluid-dynamical phenomena in nearly every industry: automotive and aeronautical engineering, urban flows, turbomachinery, and more.

CAMILO (Computer Aided Manipulation by Level-set for Optimization) is a tool for geometrical manipulation and morphing of 3D object shapes. It is an essential geometrical pre-processor that:

  • Provides quick modifications of a 3D object shape
  • Parametrizes its geometry and defines a layout that can be easily integrated in an automatic computational loop

CAMILO is specifically designed for shape optimization purposes, and is intended to work as a shape managing unit in the optimizer’s workflow. The typical users are:

  • Automotive industry (optimization of car bodies, air cooling ducts, spoilers, etc.)
  • Marine transportation (optimization of boat hulls, sail wings, etc.)
  • Aerospace industry (optimization of wings, engines hulls, fuselage, stabilizers etc.)
  • Industrial equipment production (optimization of flow pipes, pumps, turbines, fans, etc.)
  • Consumer goods production (optimization of bike helmets, for example)

CAMILO’s engine is based on Free Form Deformation (FFD) algorithms and employs level-set techniques to ensure constraints control between deformable and undeformable parts of the geometry, as in the case of local deformations. 

How does Open Inventor help you develop CAMILO software?

"The Open Inventor SDK helps us to quickly develop a handy graphical user interface, dealing with large superficial meshes, representing the 3D shape, and highly simplifying the management of user interaction with the 3D object in the scene." explains Rocco Arpa. "Selecting deformable parts of the object’s superficial mesh, moving FFD control nodes to deform the object, visualize data attached to the mesh and efficiently storing it in a suitable data structure are all handled with the Core Open Inventor and MeshViz XLM features.
As a developer’s experience, the C++ API is highly flexible and very easy to integrate with your own algorithms and features, providing a high level and solid foundation for GUI programming."

Broadly speaking, OPTIMAD uses Core Open Inventor in their base product, and MeshViz XLM for handling large-scale geometries. The main improvements that Open Inventor brings to OPTIMAD's development process are:

  • Simplification of the GUI development process
  • Handling all the rendering /visualization aspects, treating them as a black box mostly
  • Simple, yet effective, features that support the selection of and interaction with an object in the 3D scene



OPTIMAD (Optimization Methods for Aerodynamic Design) develops software for aerodynamic analysis, design and optimization. The company was founded in 2006 by fluid mechanics researchers as a spin-off of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of the Politecnico di Torino. The areas of expertise range from modelling and numerical simulations of multi-disciplinary systems (for both internal and external aerodynamics), to shape optimization and preliminary design, and wind power feasibility and forecasting.

About Open Inventor

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CAMILO 3D-surface design tool for aerodynamic optimization (OPTIMAD)

CAMILO 3D-surface design tool for aerodynamic optimization (OPTIMAD)

CAMILO 3D-surface design tool for aerodynamic optimization (OPTIMAD)