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Open Inventor Toolkit provides advanced 3D rendering and 2D/3D image analysis capabilities in a comprehensive SDK, perfectly suited to empower advanced image-based defect analysis applications

3D image pre-processing and visualization

Open Inventor Toolkit offers the full range of 2D/3D image data import, pre-processing and visualization:

  • Import images from any acquisition modality (X-Ray CT, MRI, PET, ultrasound…)
  • Image filtering and enhancement
  • High-quality volume rendering
  • Visual inspection tools: Volume Probing, Magnifier, ‘Magic Glass’, Iso-surface extraction…

Segmentation, Measurement & Analysis

Open Inventor Toolkit provides a comprehensive set of segmentation tools, as well as a complete range of data quantification capabilities:

  • Identification of objects, phases, defects, and regions of interest
  • Quantification of porosities, inclusions, cracks…
  • Counts, measures, statistical information

Open Inventor allows developers to easily create automated image analysis workflows in software applications. It offers a rich, high-performance library of components to perform advanced image segmentation, pattern recognition, for voids, cracks, or any defect detection.

Develop advanced image-based defect detection applications faster, at lower cost

Open Inventor Toolkit is a powerful library that empowers the development of image-based defect detection and quality control applications. It provides read-to-use powerful components that will allow inspection application makers to focus on their core expertise.
From electronics to industrial parts defect detection, inspection system development will benefit from pre-built image visualization and analysis components that will ensure cutting-edge visual inspection end-user capabilities while minimizing the time and cost in development and maintenance.

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