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Open Inventor used for 3D visualization in Orthodontics

18 Nov 2019

Researchers at Radboud University Medical Center recently published a new paper entitled "Virtual setup in orthodontics: planning and evaluation".

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical accuracy of virtual orthodontic setups using a new CBCT-based approach.  The data of this study can be used to obtain more insight in the accuracy and achievability of orthodontic virtual setup. Tooth movement can now be studied in more detail which can lead to new insights.

As a result of the fast advancements in digital dentistry, three-dimensional (3D) virtual setup in orthodontics is an emerging technology. 3D virtual setup is able to simulate the orthodontic treatment by segmenting individual teeth and moving each individual tooth to its desired position.

The study used their in-house-created software, MED, which is based on Open Inventor®.

In the image below: Matching of intra-oral scan in the CBCT scan.  a The CBCT scan with three dental landmarks.  b The intra-oral scan with the same dental landmarks as in the CBCT.  c Cross-section of the result of the fusion.  d Final result showing the fusion of the intra-oral scan with the CBCT.

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