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FracSIS software for exploration and mining (RungePincockMinarco)

powered by Open Inventor

By Runge.

RungePincockMinarco’s FracSIS software system, powered by Open Inventor, is a spatial database and 3D visualization package for the exploration and mining industry. It is an essential tool for exploration managers and geologists helping them to make better informed decisions about their daily operations.

FracSIS combines a powerful object-oriented database specifically designed to store geological, geochemical and geophysical data with an interactive 3D visualization environment. The benefits of FracSIS’s data integration are visible to the entire organization, from management to geologists and clients. Because the databases store both geological models and non-geological files, such as Microsoft® Word®, PowerPoint®, Excel® and Adobe® PDF documents, it makes it a perfect vehicle for project management, collaboration and data distribution.

FracSIS also includes a comprehensive global coordinate system knowledge base, which the users can manipulate. For example, they can assign relevant coordinate system information to their data sets. This means that data stored in disparate coordinate systems can be viewed in a common coordinate system and be re-projected immediately into an entirely new coordinate system without duplicating and transforming data. Interpretations and data are constantly changing due to the nature of the exploration and mining industry. Ensuring that data is up-to-date and accurate across multiple applications is
therefore a constant challenge. To alleviate this, in FracSIS changes are made in the central database so everyone has access to the latest data.

FracSIS product suite is available in three editions:

  • FracSIS Professional: a complete suite of data management and visualization features to build collaborative, consolidated, 3D data project databases.
  • FracSIS Explorer: incorporates the visualization and data output abilities of FracSIS Professional, including movie creation, web export, and visual integration of 3D project data.
  • FracSIS Reader: a standalone, visualization-only environment designed for presentations and project delivery.

About RungePincockMinarco:

Runge is a leader in the provision of technology products, consulting services and training courses to the global mining industry, delivering solutions and services across a range of commodities. With expertise across a range of mining disciplines, Runge’s approach to the business of mining is strongly grounded in economic principles and delivering mine planning solutions that are tightly coupled with technological support and training. Runge currently operates offices in 18 locations across 12 countries on five continents.

About Open Inventor:

Open Inventor® is an object-oriented 3D software development toolkit (SDK) for the development of professional interactive applications using C++, .NET or Java, on Cloud, desktop, and mobile environments. Its easy-to-use API, extensible architecture, and large set of advanced built-in components provide developers with a high-level platform for integrating, in a simple and consistent way, powerful 3D visualization and analysis capabilities into software applications for the energy sector.

Images and text are courtesy of RungePincockMinarco.